Founded in 1986, the Society's mission is to preserve, promote
and interpret the rich and colorful history of Tualatin

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Heritage Center



A 14,000-year-old tusk and molars of Tualatin's mastodon are on permanent display in the Heritage Center.  Also on view are erratics washed down in the Missoula floods, Native American stone bowls and tools and arrowheads, and an 1879 ox yoke.  Periodic exhibits have included the Kalapuya/Atfalati Indians, vintage photos of early Tualatin, historic buildings at risk, and photos of Tualatin floods.

The Society has a growing collection of Native American artifacts, vintage photos, early clothing, and farm and household tools.  We also collect oral histories, provide onsite recording for self-narrated family stories, and maintain a family archive for genealogical research.

The Heritage Garden displays a collection of flowers, plants and shrubs from early farms and homes, including a cutting from a rose plant carried on the Oregon Trail by the Robbins family.






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