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and interpret the rich and colorful history of Tualatin

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How to Volunteer

Here are examples of help we may need on a regular basis at THC.  A "day" for some of these things might only be two or three hours, scheduled so people are not bumping into each other in our limited space. And, some of these jobs don't have to be done at the Center. An overall director or coordinator will provide the vision and coordinate volunteers in close collaboration with the City of Tualatin Volunteer Coordinator. The THS board will provide overall policy oversight, in liaison with the City. Please contact us at 503.885.1926 if you would like to volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities include but not limited to the following:

Computer Applications
Designing interpretive signs, maintaining data bases,
creating PowerPoint presentations (one day/week)

Receptionist/ Office Assistant

Answering phone, welcoming visitors/preparing
mailings/miscellaneous office tasks (daily)

Docent Interpreting

Tualatin history, culture, natural environment to visiting groups, depending on needs of group and interest of volunteer (as needed). Requires considerable study in advance.

Living History Presenter

Persons willing to study and assume the role of a local resident from another era and describe life during that period, with appropriate dress (as needed). Requires extensive research and period-appropriate “props”.

Arranging Presenters
Facilitating Center-sponsored forums, lectures beyond THS monthly daytime program (three days/month).

Being a Presenter
Sharing an interesting topic, skill, hobby, trip (perhaps one time only)

Website Coordinator
Operating THS/THC website and linking to others (two days/week)

Garden Tenders
Preparing, planting, watering, harvesting, cleaning up our garden/orchard (seasonal)

Background planning for future exhibits (3 days/week)

Review and organize financial materials for Center
treasurer; buy supplies (one day/week)

Book Sales/"Gift Shop" Coordinator
Assure that THS materials and any other sales
items are stocked/inventoried (one day/week)

Set up library and archives system for easy
retrieval of information (e.g. school yearbooks,
newspaper files, THS archives (two days/week)

Help plan, carry out events/campaigns for operational funds, follow up with donors (two days/week)

Flower Arranger/Decorator
Develop and carryout ideas for weekly decor and seasonal decorations
(one day/week)

Technology Guru
Make sure our technology systems are humming along and that users
of our sound system, computers/projector feel comfortable (one day/week)

Public Relations
Prepare THC newsletter as a stand-alone giveaway at door with calendar of upcoming events, work with THS publicity person to notify newspapers, City newsletter, etc of speakers/events/exhibits, represent Center at meetings of other organizations (one day/week)

Check facility and grounds for cleaning and maintenance needs that need to be reported to City or THS, pickup trash in parking area/lawn, bathroom check, light bulbs, minor repairs, empty wastebaskets (not sure if City's maintenance staff will do all of this every day) (one hour/day)

Contact Larry Mclure for more information at or
(503) 885-1926


Some of our Volunteers




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